Small Technology and Innovation Accountants

The technology industry has a financial footprint that is unlike many other industries. PCA can help provide the financial stability and protection your business needs. We can react quickly so you can stay way ahead of the pack.

Advances in the industry continue to shape a new generation of productivity and connectivity. Your business may be locally owned but your sales are (or will be) in a global marketplace. Today’s emerging and established technology companies need a sharp business strategy, with solid yet flexible infrastructure to succeed. Maine and northern New England has seen a successful expansion of small-technology business which support the older and broader-based technologies and newer technologies such as green energy, bio-research and recycling.

PCA professionals work with technology companies serving diverse industries. Our experienced professionals provide full range of services to private companies as well as guidance for emerging organizations needing foundational strategies. Our team ensures leading-edge companies are well-positioned for ongoing growth, while ensuring the focus remains on core business objectives.

The advantages of working with PCA is our industry experience with small emerging companies, our ability to transact quickly and recognize priorities, and our contacts with other professionals that support emerging small tech companies.

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