Business Advisory and Corporate Finance Accountants

Corporate finance advice should be sought at every stage of an organization’s growth – whether you seek to reassess your strategic options, raise capital for investment purposes, grow your business through acquisition, or realize its value through sale or restructuring.

Debt and Financial Structuring (and Restructuring)

Whether you’re looking to maximize cash flow, find an optimal capital structure, raise additional capital, renegotiate your bank credit facility or reorganize your corporation, our experienced professionals will work alongside you to achieve your personal and corporate goals.


We will work with you to identify potential acquisitions, conduct due diligence, participate in negotiations and structuring, and assist in sourcing funds to complete the deal.

Selling a business

Our main responsibility is to protect your interests both in terms of the sale price and post-sale obligations. We will ensure that the deal is as tax efficient as possible, and coordinate with your legal advisor to minimize your exposure to warranties and indemnities. We can also assist in negotiations with prospective buyers.


We provide valuation services for business interests relating to ownership succession, shareholder disputes, estate planning and income tax, and litigation support.

Succession Planning

Business succession planning applies irrespective of whether you have family members looking to take over the business or not. One day you are going to need to exit the business, through retirement or sale. Succession planning covers the key steps to prepare you and your business for that moment.

Handing over your business to family members successfully can mean the difference between being financially sound for life or losing the value of many years of hard work and effort. More than 70 percent of family-owned businesses do not survive the transition from founder to second generation. Rather, they fall prey to either the estate tax or family discord. Developing and implementing a well-designed plan is essential to the long-term success of the business you’ve grown and developed.

In the event of selling the business to an outside purchase, PCA can manage the process with you, as this can be an arduous undertaking for someone who may have never ventured into these waters before. It’s important to keep this concept in mind: Ultimately, for your business to truly be a realizable asset for you, you need to constantly be working ON it with a view to selling it sometime in the future. Whether you do sell it or not is irrelevant. Keeping that frame of mind means that at least you will always be in a position TO sell it and realize its true value, if you should ever want or need to.

That focus gives you a greater awareness of the need to systematize your business and make it less dependent on you. People want to buy businesses that work, not businesses that are run by people that work, and work, and work. Succession planning is an ongoing, ever improving process and is just as much about working ON your business as planning for the future.

“Ask us about the concept of working ‘ON’ your business rather than ‘IN’ it and just what that could mean to you!”

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