Manufacturing Accountants

For more than 30 years, our Partners have been providing service to Maine manufacturers, distributors and industrial contractors. We provide services to a variety of manufacturers including insulated glass, refrigeration control products and high performance gearing and valves.

Contrary to popular belief, Maine has not shifted all of its manufacturing technology abroad. Maine has a healthy core of closely-held entrepreneurs that choose to stay in Maine. They have distinctive and diverse needs. Constantly faced with new challenges, from low-cost overseas competition to new regulatory requirements, manufacturers’ needs are ever changing to stay abreast of current economic and industrial trends.

The experienced professionals at PCA can help you take advantage of favorable tax laws, financial processes and long-range planning to help you stay competitive. In addition to traditional tax and financial assistance, we can help you improve performance;  achieve your business goals, as well as assist you with the unique problems of closely held businesses such as succession planning and estate tax issues.

At PCA, you will find our commitment to you and the service we deliver are the characteristics that set us apart. We are available when you need us.  We can react quickly to your current business demands, and we’ll aim to keep you on the path to profitability against the local and global challenges that may lie ahead.

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