Our Mission

The principals and employees of Pelletier, Chase & Associates are committed to operating a full-service accounting firm that blends the in-depth competence of seasoned professionals with the benefits and convenience provided by personal and attentive individuals. The firm’s principals and employees deliver personal attention, professional competence, and trusted advice to their business and individual clients.

We are all committed to:

  • excellence, integrity, and quality in everything we do and
  • continuous change, learning, challenge, and growth.

Personal Attention
Dan, David, and the entire staff at PCA place a high value on client relationships and purposefully create a comfortable presence for clients in a professional setting. Because of the principals’ close involvement in all significant matters, clients can be assured of having direct and confidential access to one of them to answer questions and resolve issues.

Trusted Advice
PCA operates as an independently-owned business entity and does not sell or endorse any specific financial products. Instead, the principals in the firm utilize their extensive personal networks to refer clients to high-quality professional service providers in areas such as law, insurance, financial services, and employee benefits.

Professional Competence
Dan and David have the breadth of skills and resources to handle all the accounting needs of the owners of closely-held businesses. They apply keen insight to uncover the core issues in any financial situation, whether business or family. They use their professional experience and personal wisdom to guide clients in bringing order and sound planning to all financial matters.

Our Vision

Pelletier, Chase & Associates strives to be the most respected accounting firm in Maine. We work and live to meet the expectations of our business community:

• Trusted by our clients and their service professionals
• Highly regarded by our colleagues and their families
• Respected in our broader community.

Our Core Values

• Respect for the individual
• Ethical behavior
• Quality in all we do
• Client focus
• Open and honest communication
• Enjoyment of life

Quality Control

Our commitment to excellence is evidenced by the selection of staff, continuing education programs, research resources, and emphasis on quality control and assurance. The firm participates in the Quality Review Program sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and has consistently received their highest rating.

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