Accounting & Assurance

PCA provides accounting and assurance services to a wide range of clients. A significant portion of of our clients are in the following industries:

We understand the unique challenges of your industry, both from a business and a financial reporting perspective. PCA adds value to each engagement by helping you develop value for your business.

What does your organization need?

Whether you need basic compilation financial statements for a tax filing or a full audit for banking or regulatory purposes, we will work closely with you to tailor the form and level of assurance specific to your needs and to the end users of the statements.

  • Assurance engagements (Review or Audit) are often required by a third party, such as a bank or bonding company.
  • Financial statements prepared under a Review or Audit engagement generally include more extensive disclosure. Strict accounting rules must be followed regarding how financial positions and operations are reported and presented in your financial statements.
  • Compilations have limited use by third party users, but are excellent if used for internal purposes only.

We have experience in evaluating internal controls and monitoring best practice internal control policies and procedures. PCA offers comprehensive internal audit services or special due diligence efforts to help your company meet its stated goals and objectives. We work with your company to identify its key goals and objectives, and help you achieve them. Our experienced professionals can help you monitor your operations and internal control environment and reduce enterprise risk.

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